“CC Treadway is the real deal. A Master Chief. The best Captain to have at the helm if your boat is leaking. This, I know for sure.”

– Beatrice





In these turbulent times, you are being asked to transform at a rapid rate. If you are open spiritually, and especially if you are a healer, then you are on the front lines of a new civilization. It’s not easy, but it is the way. I would be lost without my teachers and healers, those that held me as my old world fell apart and the new world came in like a storm. 

Are you ready to get your life back?

Are you ready to let go of sabotaging patterns and heal?

Are you ready to stop hiding and do what you came here to do, and get paid for it?

Are you ready to deepen into and brave the soul path?

If you are a healer, are you ready to take your work and vision to the next level?

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

I work primarily in these four ways, understanding that the foundation of healing work is deep listening and presence. Due to my teaching schedule I only take on a few clients at a time. I work with clients long term for lasting healing, mentoring, coaching and transformation. If you are ready to put everything you’ve got into taking your life to the next level, then contact me to set up a time to talk.

Psychodynamic Energy Healing

Why is energy healing so effective for clearing old health and emotional issues ?

I have 20 years experience working with thousands of people doing energy work. I find that by tapping into the deep emotional and energetic forces at work, a person begins to unravel the mystery behind their illness. There is always a root, and if traditional approaches haven’t helped you, then you might need to go on an energy healing journey.

Energy healing clears out the invisible forces that are affecting your health and wellbeing. These are the places that medicine and psychotherapy cannot touch, and often refuse to acknowledge. Your body and energy field need to clear out the clutter so that YOU, in your raw, divine truth can shine forth with ease.


Creative and Healing Business Coaching

Healing is the first step, creation is the second, and then getting out in the world is the 3rd step. You will need step by step guidance and mentoring to authentically put yourself out there in the work you do, whether its your creative work, your healing practice, or any other type of service business. You also want to put food on the table, go on vacation and have time for your family and relationships.

I lead you through programs specifically designed to catalyze your sacred creative project, whether it is a book, music, a healing practice or truly any soulwork that is longing to come out, but is so used to hiding that it doesn’t quite know the way. You can read more about the one on one program in Lightschool II

Higher Self and Guide Transmissions

Ever wonder why you are here? Of course you do. Well, your Higher Self and guide teams know why. And they are usually willing to say a few things about it. Not everything, but some things, just enough for the healing you need in that moment. The guides offer messages to assist you through your healing process. The healing energy they contain is powerful, almost more important than the words they are saying. All sessions are actually led by your guide team, there will be transmissions available for you, and also, I teach people how to connect to their Higher Self and guides themselves, which is, ultimately, way more powerful for you than anything I could say.

I teach a certification program for this, read about it at Lightschool 1.

Healing Training/Supervision

There are many healers awakening on the planet right now. Here are some of the concerns I see: psychic protection, clearer guidance, a much more comprehensive understanding of the human energy field and dealing with the emotional issues that arise in the healing process.

I support my clients in taking their abilities deeper, as well as building their own spiritual container for the work.

Healing work requires that you have ongoing support, someone a bit further on the path than you to show you the things you cannot see.


Long distance sessions are 55 min and $150

In person sessions are 1 hr 20 min and are $175


Energy healing is powerful form of healing that is quickly becoming relevant in today’s world. Many people have heard of Reiki, but energy healing is a highly complex system of healing.  Contemporary science is just beginning to study and prove the validity of energy healing, and the link between your thoughts and emotions to your physical health. New studies are even proving that trauma from your ancestors may be passed on through your DNA, something energy healers have known for thousands of years through many traditions, all around the world.

These understandings are inspiring more and more people turn to energy healers to recover from debilitating, confusing issues and a lifetime of suffering.

As a practicing energy healer for 20 years, I have seen successes first hand in my work, but also have witnessed a remarkable change in thought and acceptance around energy healing in general. At one time it felt like just me and my little office hidden down a rabbit hole somewhere, now energy healers are proudly stepping into the mainstream as true change makers and collaborators for health and wellbeing.

How Does Energy Healing Work?

The human body is surrounded internally and externally by an electromagnetic energy field.  This energy field flows through and permeates all living things. This is something well known in science and physics.  In eastern medicine it has long been understood that there is critical information held within the energy field relating to a person’s health.

From an energy healer’s standpoint, all health issues are interconnected through three realities: mind, body and spirit.  These three levels all work together and influence each other for your health and vitality. When in harmony, they will operate in health, but when out of sync, they will create disease.

What if an energy healer were able to sense blocks and disease in the human energy field before they manifested as symptoms in the body?

What if an energy healer were able to help shift patterns of energy flow that had already created disease, allowing your body, mind and spirit to relax back into its natural state of wellbeing?

It is these concepts that allow energy healing to make major changes in your health, emotionally and physically, because energy is the missing link that almost all modern medicine leaves out and yet it is a crucial part of who you are, and a crucial part ofeverything that exists around you.

I’ve been in therapy for years, why hasn’t anything changed?

Oftentimes simply talking about your problems does not work to shift the pattern, it takes a movement of emotion and energy to reveal the blocks to be healed. Through energy healing, you will finally get the chance to resolve the emotions that continually attract the trauma, leaving you free to move forward into joy and health.

Have you ever wondered why some of your conditions never seem to heal? Or more confusing,  as soon as one heals, another begins?

This is because your symptoms and condition are connected to deeper issues.  Everything that happens in your physical body happens first in your emotions, mental beliefs and spiritual levels of your energy field.  Healing means bringing ALL of these parts of yourself into balance.

Pain/illness is your body’s way of telling you that your energy is blocked and that something is not working in your life.  If you ignore the messages of physical or emotional pain, the warnings will become more severe. Energy healing can help reveal the emotional root of the problem. When the root cause is unlocked, a domino effect of healing and awareness can take place in your life. This is because your soul energy has become free to express itself. You then regain your self confidence and power over the condition, automatically making different choices in your life. Your body can then heal because it is free to do so and if it hasn’t been responding to medications or treatments, it will begin to now.

Energy healing does more than just help to heal your body, it allows for your authentic self to shine through, opening up a life of purpose and meaning as your body, mind and spirit, come back into harmony.

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“The simplest form of guidance is pain in the body “

Dr. Barbara Brennan




After 15 years in private practice as well as teaching workshops all over the world, my focus has turned primarily to supporting and mentoring healers. It takes a lot to do this work, and to do it right, healers need more support than most. Yet somehow, healers always feel like they can go it alone.


Because the infrastructure to support you as a healer in today’s capitalistic world is not set up, or even understood.

Because many times you felt alone in your families, communities and careers and you got used to living that way.

Because there are ridiculous images and beliefs around martyrdom, isolation and healing that keep you broke and unfulfilled.

Because healing, while completely ancient, is relatively new to the scene in the modern world.

I help healers to deepen into their work and personal process, continue developing and working with guidance and skills, deal with the psychology of client issues, finances and running a practice in general. 

“Everywhere is the center of the world.

Everything is sacred.”

Black Elk

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