Bring Your Vision to Life

A 6 Week Creative Mastermind and Success Generating Journey

With CC Treadway and Cynthia J. Olivera
Teleclass Tues 8-10pm ET,  July 10-August 14th

How is it that some people seem to just have that magic touch?

Why are some people able to bring forth their visions in the world and not others?

What is the secret to activating your joy, success and creative power?

Do you need more support to create your vision and activate it in the world?

Are you ready to fall in love with life, yourself, your visions and money?


Join teachers, healers, artists, aromatherapists and visionaries CC Treadway and Cynthia Olivera on this life changing, summer of fun, creativity and success!

• Get CLEAR on your creative vision and get it into motion

• Learn the science of miracles and begin to activate them in your life for more success and momentum than you have previously known

• Get out of hiding and put yourself out there in the most authentic, fulfilling yet challenging ways

• Eradicate scarcity mentality and live from the always abundant creative plane

Our task is to feel, know and choose our highest, soul calling then catalyze it into action.

Today’s world is filled with endless noise, corruption and disappointment and yet there has never been a more abundant time for expansion, creativity, success and opportunity. Both CC and Cynthia have a lifetime of experience of stepping out of scarcity and into the creative plane. The creative plane operates from connecting with the soul’s desire and aligning with Creator’s plan for you. In that alignment, a new life of joy, success and fulfillment opens to you.

In this class you will learn to:

• Identify limiting behaviors, patterns and blocks and shift them in the moment to move past your comfort zone and into your genius zone

• Deeply listen to spirit’s messages, nature’s whispers and your soul’s true longing

• Create opportunities where you once felt dead ends

• Fall in love with money and take your dreams to the next level – in style!

• Complete an epic creative project, in line with your vision for life,  that you can share with the world

• Receive support for your productivity, consistency, authenticity and commitment

• Be held in an authentic container of realness, love, community, truth and integrity

• Fall in love with yourself again and again and radiate your purpose and passion in all that you do!

• Bask in the healing properties of Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils

Want an example of the work? In this free class, CC teaches about the importance of activating your true, soul desire, with Creator’s longing for you. It’s a magical, but also informative process. Feedback has been powerful, with people gaining clarity on their purpose just from this call. Enjoy!

Your Creative Project

Committing to and completing a project is the heart and soul of this class. Your creative project is essential to activating your bigger vision. Sharing your work with others brings it to life, into community and into service. This is where much of the joy resides in the creative process.

Most people have projects that are sitting on the shelf, collecting dust. Maybe that shelf is in your mind, maybe you have started it, only to drop it, again and again. In this class, you will align with your deepest soul desire and pick one that can be completed in 6 weeks. Whatever resistance arises can be dealt with as we go.

Projects can include but not limited to:

Fine arts: Painting, Sculpture, Poetry, Theater,  Music, Clothing design, etc
Commercial arts: Promotional material for your business like a website, YouTube channel, book,  Writing and perfecting your TED talk, setting up your podcast, etc.
Domestic arts: A garden, herbal and healing tinctures, children’s books, storytelling, drummaking, etc

Really, it’s whatever your soul desire shows you. The possibilities are endless, but the choice becomes clear when we sit and align together, and the commitment to its completion is what brings your vision to life.  Ongoing, even daily status reports in our Facebook group will keep you inspired, connected and committed.

Curriculum – Subject to Evolve

Week 1
Preparing the Space for Miracles

In this first class we talk about the art and science of how miracles and synchronicities are created, and give you the tools to start putting this magic to work in your life immediately.

• Access the power of your pure desire, not your idealized image of yourself or your dutiful self, so that you are committed to the right goal, the one you will have the stamina for.

• Learn to listen to your guidance and Higher Self

• Activate universal synchronicity and opportunities aka miracles

• Come out of hiding – with the support of the group, soften your resistance to the visibility you know you need to move to your next level

• State your intention for your creative project that you will complete by the end of the course

Week 2
Overcoming Sabotage Patterns

Your subconscious is programmed to keep you safe and in the same place you are right now. This can make it very hard when you are trying to shift patterns!  In this class we go into the science of recognizing and dismantling the sabotage patterns as well as how to recognize when you are in a trauma response (different from sabotaging), and what to do about it.

• Recognize and dismantle sabotage patterns that you have not been able to see on your own

• Learn simple techniques to work with PTSD responses so you can gain more control of your emotions and have compassion for yourself, rather than beat yourself up when you fall short of your ‘expectations’

• Learn the difference between the success mindset and the sabotage mindset

• Develop compassionate strength towards your fear, guilt, insecurities, shame, worry and self doubt, and learn how to move forward anyway

Week 3
Money Money Money

You cant pull any of this off without utilizing the power of money.  Most people have blocks here, but it is your ticket out of any remaining victim mentality into the Creative plane of unlimited abundance and love. Find out why money wants to be on your side and raise you up as high, wide and deep as you can go.

• Release old paradigm, essence crushing system and step into the divine system of evolutionary, interdependent sovereignty

• Identify when you are in scarcity mentality and shift out of it into abundance immediately

• Overcome guilt, shame and doubt and claim your full financial desires

• Learn how to use money as an ally, rather than an adversary

• Drop caretaking patterns and own your worth and self love

Week 4
Triple Your Support System

One of the biggest hang ups people have is not understanding that it takes a village to cross the threshold from your fears into your dreams. In fact you must truly come out of hiding and become part of the village of life, sharing your mastery! You cannot do this alone, and it’s gotta be fun. We examine the Law of Increase so that everywhere you go, people cannot WAIT to work with you, promote you and cheer you on.

• Learn powerful networking skills in the space of miracles

• Just say no to codependency and other draining relational patterns, standing for your magnificence

• Exercises to increase your magnetism to those who are lit up by your vision and talents

• Develop self esteem and self confidence from your core gifts and uniqueness

Week 5
Self Care for Success

This commitment to your self nourishment is the foundation for abundance and happiness. What is self care? It means knowing what you need to be happy on such a deep level you would never think of depriving yourself, you love yourself too much!  If you do not know how to truly nourish yourself, you cannot sustain the vitality needed for your dreams. This is especially true for today’s world, where there is so much focus on the external, we lose sight of the basic human emotional and physical needs that sustain us. When we are moving into the next level of our lives, often times we can fall into the habit of forgetting that our inner nourishment still comes first.

• Find your unique pace of life and honor it for stamina and longevity

• Stop betraying yourself in big and small ways, and commit to your inner integrity

• Discover how your unique way of moving through the world is directly connected to your energy levels

• Identify your core self care needs and put them into action immediately

• Learn to love yourself in the face of anything

• Release habits that bring your energy level down and create inertia

Week 6
Gallery Opening

In our final class we share our projects, successes, triumphs and breakthroughs.  Each person has a chance to fully present their work, what they need next, and all they have learned from this process. We do a ceremonial closing.

• Present your completed project

• Integrate all that you learned

• Create a blueprint for your next steps


We have six, weekly 2-hour  telecalls that consist of four main components:


LESSON – We have developed an inspiring curriculum to get you moving through your fear with a whole lot of fun, creativity and learning. Through profound lectures to exercises to gain empowerment, you will be moved along a healing and success arc that allows your spirit to lead the way, and opens your heart to the life Creator wants for you. The way of the creative is one of deep listening and inspiration and we live to support your unique way, with all of your ups and downs, genius, quirkiness and beauty. In fact, it is only through accessing your unique way that miracles can happen! You will receive personal attention in the classes

PLANT ESSENCE/ESSENTIAL OILNature is our biggest healer and we will dive into the healing properties of the supportive essential oils for your success, healing and growth. We include Wisdom of the Earth essential oils in the class should you desire that package. These single, pure essences work deeply in relationship with the spirit of each plant, and they become your allies as you traverse the unknown! We will work with the myths and legends associated with these plants, and go into deep meditation, allowing Mother Nature’s language and messages to infuse our hearts and souls.

VISIBILITY CHALLENGE Coming out of hiding and sharing your beautiful creative spirit with the world is essential to next leveling your life and generating opportunities. This can be the most joyful part! You get to create and attract opportunities that feel exciting and right to you. You develop the skills to listen to your inner guidance, and the whispers of spirit for instructions, so that your ‘coming out of hiding’ is effective and inspiring to you. Each week you will give yourself a new challenge!

SUPPORTIVE MATERIALSWe have put together a list of audio and reading materials to support this process. These materials are invaluable to maintain your mindset and inspiration. Some are are created by us, and some are created by other amazing humans.


Teleclass meets on Tuesday evenings,
July 10-August 14th
8-10pm ET, 5-7pm PT

• Recordings of each class are sent the next day, along with any extra materials for that class.

• We have created different packages for all different budgets, starting at $444.

• There is an optional studio class so that you have structured work time with the group.

• There are also different packages that include essential oils and private sessions.

To find out which package is best for you, please fill out this form to set up a time to talk to CC or Cynthia!
Thank you

Send us a message to schedule a time to talk about registration and details. Thank you!

Your Teachers

CC Treadway is an energy healer, channel, transformational teacher and multidisciplinary sacred artist who has been through her own evolutionary journey of healing and awakening. Born spiritually open, CC has developed a unique form of teaching and healing over the past 20 years that unlocks the core creative center of a person’s being and ignites the power of miracles and synchronicity in their lives. Every soul has come here for a specific reason, and CC works tirelessly to help each student and client access that place and develop it in a safe space. This process, more than any other, can heal a person on all levels. She is also the co-creator of the The Chalice Work, helping women who have gone through sexual, relational and emotional trauma recover their sexual life force and creative fire.

CC writes and performs original music, holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, studied at the Alvin Ailey School of Dance and is a graduate of the intensive, world renowned 6 year program, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (Author of Hands of Light), among others. She also worked as a video editor for film, television and independent projects for 15 years, and is a voracious painter. She brings her gifts of music, teaching and channeling into her performances and collaborations around the United States.  CC maintains a private healing practice via phone/skype and lives in beautiful Woodstock, New York.

For over three decades, Cynthia has been a movement educator and therapist, energy healer, and spiritual counselor. Her roots are with the indigenous nations of the Caribbean and Corsica. This rich heritage provides an ancient lineage in the healing arts, including natural medicine. She has been teaching women to dance their prayers, heal their sexual issues and meditate with the Earth and the essences as their allies. She teaches women how to rediscover the juicy-ness and aliveness of the divine feminine through sacred dance, sacred sexuality, essential oils and heart dreaming. Cynthia is a Master Aromatherapist, and is the Educational Director for “Wisdom of the Earth” essential essences in Page Springs, Arizona, where she teaches advanced aromatherapy workshops.

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