CC is a deeply engaging speaker that will take your audience right into the heart of themselves. She is a storehouse of wisdom and transformational tales, carefully crafting her experiences and stories into energetically and emotionally impactful transmissions.

Because of her vast experience as a teacher and healer, working with many very sick people as well as those recovering from serious abuse, she has the knowledge and sensitivity to connect with your audience in an effective yet sensitive way.

CC is available for sound healing concerts, group channelings and other creative expressions of spirit.  For the past 10 years she has been performing original music, as well as channeling angelic frequencies all around New York City with her creative crews Unitribe Productions, Xango Shola/Sacred Arts Research Center and Galiana Retreat. Today she lives in Miami, FL where she performs with the Thom Sessa Invitational Choir, a soulful gospel choir,  as well as at other sacred events around town.

To invite CC to speak or perform at your event please visit the CONTACT page.

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