Begins January 23rd. 8 weeks. Mondays 7-9pm ET and Thursdays 4-6pm ET.

We are in the time of the Kali Yuga, when the darkness has power and takes its last stand. It’s crazy out there. You want:


Creative Freedom


Financial Freedom


Soul Freedom


Peace on Earth

The question is: How do you maintain your inner authority in the face of so much tyranny and glorified stupidity?

We have one choice and one choice only, and that is to stand together in our integrity and claim our Soulful Self-Sovereignty. If we give our power away for even a second to the corruption, lies and the collective pain body, it’s a quick and slippery slope into despair.  But if we claim it we can fully thrive, and fully thrive together.

What does being a Soulful Sovereign Being mean?

It means knowing, as a default, that your inner state is responsible for your outer state. But it takes it a step further. Because you also are allowing your pure, creative energy to flow unfiltered. This energy is your ‘genius.’  It is what allows you to take quantum leaps without everything being perfect. It is what magnifies massive opportunities, visionary projects, skill sets you previously didn’t have and extraordinary love in your life.

It is what gives you a kind of confidence and fearlessness that has nothing to do with your environment. It might be messy, but it is pleasurable and very powerful. This energy also, because it is based in the divine, automatically connects us to the higher purpose of others, which is what can, very quickly, change the world.

This creative force is systematically controlled by colonization, and has been for generations, because its authority comes directly from Source, and not from a human government, it is so much bigger than any human created system.  So our job is to unlock this creative force, layer by layer, to create a world for ourselves, and for everyone, that is always based in Love. It is not anti anything, it is not pro anything, it simply IS.


• Are you ready to fully live in your unfiltered, untamed, creative expression and be supported on all levels for it?

• Do want to thrive even when there is so much corruption and suffering in the world?

• Are your thoughts and emotions overwhelming you, preventing your from staying focused, productive and joyful?

• Do you feel very aligned one day, but the next day again feel hopeless and overcome by world events?

• Do you believe that you have a sacred gift to offer this world, but somehow it keeps getting held back?

• Do you believe that choosing your reality is the most important activism at this time?

• Do you want to be able to keep your heart open to those suffering while you actively cultivate joy, expansion and creation?

• Do you think money is holding you back from your dreams?

• Do you want 2017 to be the year you stop holding back, break through and truly claim your abundance in all areas of your life?

2017 may look rocky, but you are not limited by what you see in the news, in politics or even with your neighbors. You can not only just get by, but become the architect of your dreams, while contributing to the greater good.

In fact, despite the Trumpocolypse, there has never been more potential for the truth of who you are to shine, create and thrive in this world.

And the world needs you to do this, now more than ever.

2+0+1+7= 10=1. Numerologically, We are not just starting a new year, but a new 9 year cycle.

How do you want to begin the next 9 years of your life?

It is so easy to get taken off course in today’s landscape. Especially if you are a highly sensitive, or empathic being.

The media, whether real, fake, left, right, center, etc, takes you through a maze of emotions that leave you feeling confused, angry, and afraid. These emotions will paralyze you and take you off course if you let them.

You need support, encouragement and solidarity if you want to anchor into your sovereignty,
and you will need to make a strong, empowered choice for yourself and stick to it.

The commitment to living as a Soulful Self-Sovereign being is the most powerful action you can take to thrive in your life and contribute to the world right now.

You cannot be discouraged by the current leadership in your quest to be part of the evolutionary shift of consciousness that reflects your heart.

I created this 8 week course so you can fully anchor into your Soulful Self-Sovereignty and live your genius.

You will learn to:

• Shift out of the lack paradigm that has been ruling this world for so long, and live the truth of Divine Sovereignty at all times

• Set and live your creative vision for 2017 and beyond

• Overcome guilt and shame to fully claim yourself in any environment

• Recognize where you are holding the most lack, shame and victim consciousness and transform it so you can be free to create in the way you know you were born to!

• Connect to a world wide community of visionaries who are committed to this new state of being – you will never feel alone in this again

• Learn a solid and easy system to get yourself in meaningful alignment each day

• Become compassionately fearless in the face of overwhelming emotions

• Catch your sabotaging patterns and transform them into creative energy

• Deeply live life in a pleasurable receptive state, allowing all the juicy things you’ve been imagining to flow to you easily – without all the hours or years of labor and planning

• Stop self doubt and trust who you are and what you want at your very core

About the course

I invite you to co create a beautiful reality with wonderful, open hearted creative visionaries ready to take on the next challenge in their lives, and ready to take a stand for this world.

Each week there will be a 2 hour live master class where we dive in together to work out old beliefs and welcome the healing. You will get to know your classmates and create a powerful field for transformation and creativity. This class is special because we will courageously plunge into emotional healing, invite spiritual ‘miracles’ and we fully support and coach your longings for 2017 into reality. Then we have a second weekly class called the LAB, where you spend focused time in sacred space, working on your projects/creations and sharing your progress. 

My classes always create lasting bonds because of the deep spaces we go to, the repetitive heart connecting and the deep sharing we do.

Everything we do is based in love and is held in a very safe container.

Throughout the course you bravely dive into the shadow aspects of the respective areas of consciousness and step into the healed aspects, claim the healing and reprogram the brain into divine sovereignty. You will spend a good chunk of each class experiencing the Soulful Self-Sovereign State, learning how to operate from that place consistently. You will be able to easily recognize when you have shifted back into lack consciousness, and learn how to take yourself back into sovereignty and abundance.

Class material will be supported with healing meditations and sound clearings to work on the unconscious levels as well as fun and powerful practices throughout the week.

I welcome students creativity, passions and dedications as the weeks unfold. No doubt, your creative self will be lit up and ready to go, and the time in the LAB will give the structure you need to bring those visions into form.

This is a safe, sensitive and inspiring place to share your work and take it to the next level.

Classes will be recorded and there will be daily practice to continue releasing the beliefs and emotions, reprogramming yourself for sovereignty. Videos and films support the work and keep it fun, a Facebook group, as well as student to student support and practice throughout the week. Assignments will be creative and challenging.

We will create a powerful field where your dreams are catalyzed.

My students always surprise me because the work takes them so deep that they begin to create and thrive in ways no one could have predicted! Jobs appear out of nowhere, books get conceived and written, unexpected promotions or sums of money arrive, psychic abilities open, healing practices begin to thrive, family relationships finally heal, new relationships begin, etc.

I know you have a genius inside of you – whether it’s creative, spiritual, business, financial, relational, physical…whatever is is that is dying to come out, to express itself through the many joyful levels of life,and I want to help support you to be relieved of all the years of thinking that it just wasn’t possible.

I invite you to come together with us to finally let these blocks go and be the genius you are for 2017.

Curriculum – Subject to Evolve

Each class powerfully dives into fears, limiting beliefs, trauma and attachments, works them out and reprograms you into Soulful Self-Sovereignty. There is time for sharing, for visioning and coaching. There are supportive meditations and healing for the unconscious, as well as homework and projects to stimulate your creativity and wealth,  locking in new, healthy patterns. I’m also including movies, songs and videos to keep you inspired, focused and on track.

The work is creative, powerful, fun, rich, deep and transformative. You will not be bored, you will be lit up from within, immersed and inspired to your potential each day.

Movement #1

Return to the Sacred Matriarchy


You do not belong to the financial or governmental system. You are not a victim or a slave to anything. You are bigger than these systems. You are a Divine Sovereign Being. If you are to claim your sovereignty, you must be willing to unlock the codes of your Divine Sovereign Being. These codes are your birthright, and in this first class you will claim them through a special process with Mother Earth that reconnects you to this original system and activates these codes.

You will say goodbye to the fundamental belief that there is not enough, that you can only have so much, and that by having so much, others suffer. You will say goodbye to underlying fears and terrors about being in your full expression. You will say goodbye to habitual victim based patterns that lock you in poverty and disempowerment. When you are fully connected into the Sacred Matriarchy no matter how much you gain, the entire ecosystem benefits. Your personal dreams and desires are automatically connected with the highest good of all. Community is, by its nature, abundance in dynamic co-creation.

Movement #2

Self Worth = Sovereignty


Your self worth is everything in this process. You will claim your self worth on every level, deep within to have the courage to claim what is rightfully yours, which is YOU, unfiltered, unmasked, untamed, and in full expression. Generations of colonization has tamed your wildness, but wildness has power, and when aligned with your Divine Sovereign Being…well, that’s when the miracles happen.

You will unwind trauma and the stories around it to feel the love that naturally flows through your whole being, allowing your creativity to flow unhindered. You are created from love, you are pure. Shame, worthlessness, self hatred, and guilt can release in the strong container of support and wisdom this class creates, opening to wealth, love, your power and wholeness.

Your new story will be built from the foundation of unshakable self love and self worth, of the pure, creative energy that is YOU. From this place your Soulful Self Sovereignty becomes crystal clear, it starts to become the only option that will do.

Guest Speaker, Vera de Chalambert, writer and speaker at Marianne Williamson’s Sister Giant,  models epic soul manifestations with total and full self expression. Vera has dropped the illusion of perfection and lives life with 100% passion, commitment and rawness. She is a force to behold and we are honored to have her contribute.

Movement #3

Stand Tall, Stand Proud


Doubt, guilt and feeling overwhelmed by other people’s needs destroy the Sovereign Being, destroy creativity and destroy the field of abundance. These practices simply cannot coexist with sovereignty. In this week we really take a look at how these habits are screwing your life up. We give you the tools to recognize them and transform these sabotaging habits into self love and self confidence practices. Underneath these self defeating habits are tears of relief from honoring the truth in yourself.

Guilt, caretaking, or feeling overwhelmed with others needs and energy are some of the toughest patterns to overcome. People are often very attached to them. It’s time to let them go and feel your fears and pain so you can own your identity and claim your abundant self. Good news, your Divine Sovereign Being doesn’t give these issues any attention. And as you clear them, DSB has way more space to run the show with full confidence.

Movement #4

Heart & Soul Power


You’ve stripped yourself of many of your defenses, started telling yourself a new story and now its time to live your soul truth. What is your true heart’s call?

All hearts have been broken, but all hearts can heal. A broken heart can shut down your manifesting in self protection, so we will dive deep into healing the heart. Inside your heart is a vast network of magnetizing neurons . Your potential to attract according to your core vibration is multiplied and expanded through the radiance and coherence of the heart field. With each class, and all of the exercises, you begin to understand experientially what it means to live from Soulful Self- Sovereignty, what it means to live your life in divine abundance and harmonious full soul expression.

Movement #5

Synchronicity and Wealth


So often the truth of your longing gets shut down when the mind gets a hold of it. What started out as inspiration becomes frustration. Learn how to break your habitual sabotaging patterns that prevent you from success and wealth when your creativity is flowing, and enter into divine precision and receptivity.

As you relax into your truth, again and again, instead of muscling the process with your mind, you will see divine synchronicity at work, effortlessly set up for you to win. We pay special attention to money in this class. Money loves precision, and when you open to receive it can flow in and effortlessly land in the sacred path that is your passion, that is your life.

Movement #6

The Genius Code


When your core energy is running your visions are naturally loving, creative and clear. The energy of your light body ignites your soul and genius is born in your brain. There is a total alignment of physical and spiritual that results in a trusted flow of ideas, energy and the ability to pull it off. Once again we tackle the pitfalls of the mind. When misused,  you tend towards confusion, domination, control, over analysis, perfectionism and fear. When the mind is properly aligned it is your best friend.

In this class you learn how to really relax into your visions and allow them to unfold, step by step without controlling them. This takes practice, but is an essential step to any kind of success and most importantly to happiness.

Guest Speaker: Srikala Roach.  I have never known anyone to so solidly, so repetitively get into their genius state so easily. Sri taps into a creative flow that is simply masterful. He has trusted his Soulful Self Sovereignty for quite some time now, and regularly tours the world with his sacred hip hop, as well as leads communities, and inspires others’ creativity. Learn about Srikala here.

Movement #7

The Sacred Patriarchy


You have fully claimed your divine sovereignty and let go of the victim dynamics perpetuated by the corrupt patriarchy. You instead connect into the Sacred Patriarchy and connect it to the Sacred Matriarchy in the first chakra. Your I AM presence can easily link up with your body, soul and mind and you are now living in a different paradigm. The welcoming of the Sacred Patriarchy is a deeply humbling and life changing event. The world needs each human to remember and live in this integrity. The humble heart stays open to the human condition without getting lost in it. You will deeply know your worth, walk your talk and enter the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

You are a Divine Sovereign Being, you know who you are and you are not afraid to dream, create, receive and take action for the life you were meant to have.

Movement #8



After all this work, we spend the last class integrating it all, sharing projects and completely living as the Divine Sovereign Being you were meant to be.By now you will have a solid set of tools to stay in the new paradigm you have entered. In this class, you will craft a life that fully supports, inspires your soul passions. You will take everything you have learned and form a cohesive template to grow from and be nourished by for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

Are you ready to let go of excuses and claim yourself as SOVEREIGN for 2017?

Enroll now! 

CC Treadway has worked in the fields of consciousness and creativity for the past two decades. She is driven by her soul to help as many people on the planet as possible to awaken into their divine consciousness, creative freedom and profound, compassionate humanity. Learn more about CC here.

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