Reclaim your sexual energy

Unlock your creativity

Find the deepest self love possible

Reclaim your Queendom


On the Priestess Path, we enter into the deep space of the womb, the void, the vessel of life of a woman. Here we reclaim true feminine power, and the true creative and sensual steadiness that is a woman’s spirit. With workshops and one on one work, these programs are designed to bring you into the magical force that is the feminine today, releasing you from victimhood, creative and sexual stagnation and old wounds from sexual and relational trauma, abuse and neglect.

This is powerful work that takes you to the heart of your life, reclaiming your essential life force and re-birthing yourself anew. The results are an empowered, feminine, magnetic, love based life that brings you back into the heart of the sisterhood and the ability to womanifest and create with unlimited energy and inspiration. Your life returns to abundant magic, creative sovereignty and delicious, sensual romance. The heart and body open wide for the love that is waiting to meet you, including partnerships, friendships, money and profound family healing.

This work is most effective when done live and in person.


We offer two workshops at this time:

Feminine Resurrection

The Holy Chalice

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