I am deeply honored to present Sharon Martin, the first graduate of the Treadway Esoteric Spiritual Guidance Certification Program. Sharon has been studying with me, taking almost every class and working with me privately since 2011. She came to this work with her healing gifts already very strong, having graduated from The Four Winds as well as being a physician with her own private practice.

She is an exceptional healer, who’s mastery lies in ancestral and past life tracking, clear guidance, the astral and subtle body work – not to mention her knowledge of the physical body. She is a dedicated practitioner who is also a devout lover of animals and the earth, tending to her gorgeous and sacred land in rural Pennsylvania. Her strong earth energy shines through in her divination work with stones.

Her contributions to classes and to the Treadway Esoteric community are invaluable, and often times when I come up with a new class it’s because Sharon has gently requested that particular subject. I highly recommend Sharon for private sessions both long distance and in person.

Please visit to learn more and book a session.

Lizzie Rose is a unique, magical and highly creative being who’s talents range from children’s book author to healer to teacher to magic maker. Lizzie excels at spell casting and Book of Magic making, coming up with some of the most beautiful and potent words of manifestation and healing. With the help of the program, Lizzie stepped into her genius and within a few months of graduating was running her own successful women’s tele-circles called “Moon Sisters” and leading retreats. It was pretty amazing to watch everything line up for her with so much synchronicity and ease. She truly embodies the teachings and is living her life in her genius zone.


As a healer, Lizzie is highly gifted and perceptive, having mastered the dimensional frequencies to access guidance and healing on many levels of reality. She is also a profound woman of substance and integrity, and I am proud to have certified her.

To book a session or join Moon Sisters, visit her website or her page Magic is Real by Lizzie Rose

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