Feminine Resurrection

A Music and Movement Immersion to Celebrate the Sacred Feminine

FALL 2017, TBA, East Chatham NY

Today we can see that the feminine spirit is needed more than ever. We can see that the layers of violence, separation, destruction and mistreatment have reached a breaking point. The human shadow has made itself known, the darkness is upon us, and our lights are shining brighter. Women are coming back together to help heal our society.

In creating this immersion, we asked ourselves:


What if the splitting from the feminine never happened never happened in the modern, western world?

What if we could travel through time to the point in history and in our own lives where she was stripped and forgotten?

And then, would it be possible to re-weave the feminine spirit through time, as if she had never been forgotten, as if our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers danced with this aliveness, this love, this knowing, all along?

We sat with that, and felt the energies, excited and ready to dance with us.

To set these energies free, it is now time to feel, to grieve, to cleanse, to dance, to sing and to come together as women and remember.

The negative expression of the patriarchy has created layers and layers of lies upon the essential feminine. But, in the arms of women, we are healed and known. We are given strength beyond what we have experienced. The traumas of the past begin to unwind and our hearts and wombs open to love once more.

The love that has been contained in fear of being ‘too much’, ‘not needed’, ‘ not important’  or ‘weak’ is set free.

You will see that the essential feminine that is inside you is the most important force of healing and restoration on this planet, and she is needed and wanted now more than ever.

You will see that with this love pulsating inside you it is easy to be happy, natural  to feel a deep sense of belonging and normal to be deeply connected to life.

Reclaim your feminine power, essence and innocence with

Maiden-Mother-Crone Womb Cleanse Ritual: Anointing, dance & alchemical meditation ritual to cleanse out past traumas and energies from the womb, and to welcome in your feminine essence at the major stages of life


Black Madonna Traditions – Including ritual dances, sexual healing dances,  fertility dances and trance dances with corresponding drum patterns/rhythms


Sufi Practices – such as chanting of divine formulas, frame drumming to clear energetic blockages and enliven the spiritual heart and Sema or whirling meditation.



Open your voice

Let your natural essence flow unhindered through your body and voice. Here we drop the roles and masks that are so often worn in our every day lives to return to the essential feminine essence.

Vocal Play – Group singing to unlock your sound and engage the 5 elements through your voice

Soul Song: A deep exploration of the sounds of your soul and how they move through your body




Engaging discussions and practices:

We come together as women in community to re-awaken the sacred wisdom that resides within us. We are offered a chance to deeply listen and share with each other. Some topics we will cover are:

Discovering the sacred matriarchy within and through your lineage

Four Female Archetypes Practice & Tales of Prophetic Women, Priestesses and Sacred Troublemakers



Nourish and restore your feminine

Women nourishing women is a vital part of how feminine joy, safety and sisterhood are created. So often basic needs such as touch, snuggling and grooming are lost in our western lives. When these arts are practiced, women experience deep levels of relaxation, soothing, happiness, safety and sense of belonging.

Essene/Magdalen sound codes and healing:

CC carries the Essene/Magdalen energies and transmits those energies through her sound healings. After cleansing your wombs, receiving these nourishing healings is a beautiful way to end the day.


Anointing with Essential Oils:

We will use Wisdom of the Earth essential oils to anoint and nourish each other



Your Teachers

Juliet Rabia Gentile holds a Master’s Degree from Sarah Lawrence College and a Bachelor’s Degree from New School University. She is a spiritual representative of her teacher, Shaykha Fariha Fatima of the Halveti-Jerrahi Sufi Order. Juliet served as a spiritual minister of Faith House Manhattan, an interfaith center in Manhattan and has lectured widely on Sufism throughout New York City at venues including: the U.N. General Assembly, Riverside Church, Barnard College, Cathedral St. John the Divine, New York Open Center, Union Theological, Auburn Seminary and One Spirit Learning Alliance. Her forthcoming memoir, Warriors of Love, is due to be released this summer. She teaches Sufi Sema, or whirling both privately and in groups in NYC.

Juliet has studied the Southern Italian mystery tradition for over a decade with her teacher Alessandra Belloni and has assisted in many workshops and healing rituals. She has also been a longtime student of Jungian psychology and is a practitioner of archetypal astrology.

Juliet also performs as a vocalist and percussionist in several music ensembles including American Sufi Project, Brooklyn Raga Massive, Adam Maalouf and The Tribe, I Guillari di Piazza, and Saqi Ensemble.

CC Treadway, healer and multidisciplinary sacred artist, is the founder of the LightSchool at Treadway Esoteric.  Her intention for teaching is to help cultivate a sacred and solid container for vulnerability, healing and self expression.

As an energy healer, creative professional and transformational teacher for the last 20 years, CC has developed a unique form of teaching that unlocks the core creative center of a person’s being to unwind habitual blocks.  She is also the co-creator of the The Chalice Work, helping women who have gone through sexual, relational and emotional trauma recover their sexual life force and creative fire.

CC is a classically trained singer and now sings with the Thom Sessa Invitational Choir in Miami (Gospel), as well as writes and performs original music. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, studied at the Alvin Ailey School of Dance and is a graduate of the 4 year program, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (Author of Hands of Light). She is currently in the BBSH graduate program for advanced personal process skills. She likes school a lot, which is why she created one! She also worked as a video editor for film, television and independent projects for 15 years. She brings her gifts of music, teaching and channeling into her performances and collaborations around the United States.


We are thrilled to offer this retreat at the Abode of the Message, a beautiful center in East Chatham, NY, about 2 hours from New York City.

The Abode of the Message (“the Abode”) is a spiritual community, Sufi center and retreat center which creates a container for personal exploration and growth. We will have 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day and a range of accommodations to choose from.The Abode  is nourished by a predominantly organic kitchen which sources much of its produce from the Abode’s own CSA Farm.

The energy at The Abode is exquisite, it is the perfect place to open our hearts, bodies and souls to nature, to spirit and the essential feminine.




We encourage women of all races and ages to come!

Retreat Price: $500. Retreat begins at 7pm Friday night and runs until Monday late morning. Some partial work/trade scholarships available.

Room & Board: Prices range from $50-$115 night (3 nights).  Commuters $50/day


Upon payment for retreat, you will be sent the instructions to book your room.

To register or ask questions fill out form below! Thank you.


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