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This fall we are creating a powerful energetic container for your spiritual and creative activation. The two courses offered are about accessing an energy that lifts you beyond your current circumstances, limitations and thoughts and takes you deep into the soul path of intuition, magic and inspiration.

The classes create the landscape for miracles, deepening of abilities and opportunities in life. Staying connected to the container ignites your creative energies, unblocks resistance and opens your heart to love.

No matter your level of experience, if you are open to other realms, your soul will take you on the next step of your journey. You can do one or both courses, and you don’t need to do the first course to do the second.


Your spirit guides want to connect with you
They have important messages and love to share with you
They know all about your purpose and reason for being here
As well as the larger purpose for humanity
They love to be a part of that
They are here to support you 24/7
To stimulate your creativity
To work with synchronicity to create your dreams
What do they want you to know?
What do you want to create?

In this first portion for the fall, we dive deep into how our our spiritual connection influences our creativity and life purpose. The exercises and group field we hold allows for a much stronger connection than when you are just on your own.

Through the process of creating a “Spirit Sketch Book,” the messages and inspirations you receive in class and in the daily meditations, will be put into a personal book you can reference and add to beyond the course.

Perfect for:

• Those who want to connect to or deepen their connection to their Higher Self, Spirit guides and creativity.
• Healers/readers/therapists who want clearer guidance for their work
• Artists who want to nourish their creative connection with spirit
• Those blocked from their purpose or creative flow who are ready to dive in!
• Seekers/meditators who want to deepen their practice, and explore their inner worlds
• Each class begins with a  channeling, a sharing and then an exercise of guidance listening and creativity flow.


Lesson 1 – Meet your creative guide team and find your spiritual, creative sanctuary
Lesson 2 – Pineal Party: Unblock and Immerse yourself in your creative flow fest with your guides
Lesson 3 – Genius Zone: How does your unique genius heal yourself and the planet?
Lesson 4 – Quantum Integration and closing messages from the guides.

Your guides are in charge of your lessons and next steps. It is very, VERY exciting in these classes when people are given all kinds of goodies from spirit.

Private sessions recommended to work through any blocks that may arise. This is my specialty. And if I see you are blocking yourself, I’m going to point it out…in a loving way.

“The most important thing I gained from this class was the strengthening of my connection to Spirit, to have confidence in the connection, and to move more easily into that space of relationship.  Perceptions/illusions of separation between myself and Spirit, myself and others, myself and my SELF were shifted in a deep way.  What this brought, into the literal world, was an activation of my power, an emergence of my fullness and potential, and a huge release of the daily anxiety I had over who-knows-what. Because of this work, I am more alive and stepping more fully into Life.” Sharon

“CC is a master channel. Her transmission is pure because her integrity is rock solid. She creates and holds a pristine space for healing, self-realization, and what it is that YOU need – for yourself, here and now.” – Sam

“The powerful spiritual and creative work dug into my blocks, excuses, and holding patterns right away. With each channeling came more clarity. With each artistic assignment I completed, I felt myself sinking deeper into the center of my creative heart.  Farewell writers block.  I can just sit down and write, and it comes to me, no problem now.” ~ Trina


As we enter into Scorpio season, we are taking a deep dive between the veils.

For generations we have known nothing else but lives ruled by the false patriarchy. Men and women have been stripped of their innocence and true identities for thousands of years. The healing of this planet and humanity is restored when the sexes return to their natural, sacred balance based in the divine. In this class we turn to our family lines to clear and repattern these ancient wounds, releasing our ancestors from their pain, and freeing up our creative, ecstatic energy for sovereignty and joy.

This class is perfect for:

• Those who feel a strong call to heal the planet and humanity
• Those who are ready to step out of patriarchal conditioning into quantum manifestation and creativity
• Healers longing for more energy and power for their work
• Those with deep afflictions in their self confidence and relationships
• Those who are ready to bring love, restoration and divine sovereignty to their family lines

We continue building our Spirit Sketch Books, or if you are just joining for this class, you can start. This book will be a wonderful illustration of your family heritage, main messages and power.


1. Ancestral Healing- Tracking the main patriarchal wounds and releasing/healing them
2. The Reset – Shifting your neurology/ weaving the quantum through time to Now
3. Your Potential – Receiving the gifts of an unblocked ancestry/re-balancing masculine and feminine within
4. Integration – Who are you now?

The work of this class is very, very sacred and powerful. Expect that major changes could occur, in ways you can’t foresee, and you will need some time to process and integrate.

Private sessions recommended for the sacred unwinding that will occur from this work.

“I wanted to share my experience from our first session the other night. Having never been in a group with CC before, I did not know what to expect with the energetics of it. So I went in with the intention of doing any clearing work that needed to be done with the group and any of those who may come in, and found there was a circle already established with everyone sitting in it.

The point of the story, is that before the guides were even called in during the session, all was already clean and clear. It is great to find such a safe sacred space to accept energetic work done. It was a very powerful experience, and I so appreciate the work that CC is doing and offering to us all. Thanks, CC!!”  Brian B.

“What a gift to move through consciousness with this sacred group ! Much love to you CC Treadway for all of your guidance and holding such an exquisite container for miracles!”  Shelly S.


You can do one or both courses, and you don’t need to do the first course to do the second.
Class meets Mondays 8-10pm ET via tele-class
Recordings sent for each class with daily practice exercise/meditation
FB share group

Early bird prices, each price will increase by $50 after Sept. 15th. Space limited.
Private sessions can be scheduled separately at a reduced rate of $150. Normally $200.

OCT 1, 8, 15, 22

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NOV 5, 12, 26,  DEC 3

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CC Treadway is an energy healer, channel, transformational teacher and multidisciplinary sacred artist who has been through her own evolutionary journey of healing and awakening. Born spiritually open, CC has developed a unique form of teaching and healing over the past 20 years that unlocks the core creative center of a person’s being and ignites the power of miracles and synchronicity in their lives. Every soul has come here for a specific reason, and CC works tirelessly to help each student and client access that place and develop it in a safe space. This process, more than any other, can heal a person on all levels. She has been teaching people to connect to their guidance for 12 years..

CC writes and performs original music, holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, studied at the Alvin Ailey School of Dance and is a graduate of the intensive, world renowned 6 year program, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (Author of Hands of Light), among others. She also worked as a video editor for film, television and independent projects for 15 years, and is a voracious painter. She brings her gifts of music, teaching and channeling into her performances and collaborations around the United States.  CC maintains a private healing practice via phone/skype and lives in beautiful Woodstock, New York.

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