Creativity is the foundation for life

In my years as a healer, artist, coach and transformational teacher, over and over again I see people come to me with lack of clarity, direction and belief in themselves.

I see highly sensitive, spiritual and empathic creative geniuses who have yet to find the support they need to truly bring their gifts into the world.

In my coaching work we gently get right to the heart of the matter, finding out what you REALLY want to do, and what is holding you back.

We shift out of lack into abundance and the space of miracles, and we take action that is in complete alignment with who you are.

No matter the medium: painting, writing, performance, business, etc… your vast, immense spirit and all it has to offer is included and celebrated, so you can finally break through and bring your vision to life.


What makes me different from other creative coaches?

What makes me different from other creative coaches?

With 20 years of healing, creating and channeling under my belt, the container I hold is one of powerful creative and spiritual activation. The magic is never lost or sacrificed, only nourished and used as your most precious asset. I am also extremely compassionate to the delicate places in you that are hiding.

A lot of coaching can bulldoze through a person’s most sensitive spots…in my work we love and hold space for those places so they feel safe to be seen. There is no forcing, only allowing your spirit to come out of hiding and lead the way. Your blocks are there to be curious about, not to judge.

Once your inner being feels safe, seen and understood, the inevitable result is powerful creation, excitement for life and abundance in all areas.

This is my gift, and I love to share it.

You are ready for this work if:

You have an idea of your creative mission, but it feels hazy, just out of reach.
You have suffered loss or heartbreak, and your life has suddenly changed
You create a lot, but you are disorganized and lack focus
You keep running up against the same invisible blocks, over and over
You see others achieving what you want who are not as good as you!
You are ready to listen to the call of your soul and create from there
You believe that the universe loves to support you
You are familiar with the Law of Attraction and the quantum field of creation

What others say…

“How to share about my work with CC Treadway… How to accurately convey the power in her work…?

Let’s put it this way… the amount of healing, growth, and embodiment that I have stepped into since I began working with CC has been life changing. From her I have learned the art of creating and holding sacred space with love and integrity and surrender. With her I discovered my purpose in spreading the magic.

Through the art I have made within the Treadway Esoteric healing container, the creator in me was activated. And I am now using my creative spirit to activate my magic every day. Sometimes it’s painting, sometimes it’s building my work, sometimes it’s the written word, sometimes it’s song. With CC I have learned how to let art, spirit and creativity heal and nourish me, as well as support me financially.

I had been on a spiritual path for years but was having trouble crossing the threshold into the life I knew I was capable of. There was always a dividing wall between the choices I knew were best and the choices I was making. That wall has dissolved. My choices are more conscious and aligned with my true nature and desires, and the life I’m living reflects my peace and happiness. I can not recommend this work highly enough. ~ Lizzie Rose


“The powerful spiritual and creative work dug into my blocks, excuses, and holding patterns right away. With each channeling came more clarity. With each artistic assignment I completed, I felt myself sinking deeper into the center of my creative heart

The first time I read a chapter out loud to my classmates I felt my purpose come to life. Giving voice to the words was pure joy!  The sound bubbled up from my heart like rich liquid. My body became light and buoyant, even as the energy of pleasure and creation sank deeply through my lower chakras and spilled through my feet to the floor.

Today, my book is real. It exists. It’s getting closer to completion all the time. And I can see a clear vision of myself holding the finished product in my hands, brushing my fingers across its beautiful cover, and smiling to myself as I place it back on the bookstore shelf.”  ~Trina Flores


“Remember when we did the meditation and we said OK, everyone get your art supplies and create. So I sat with all my paints, I’m gonna draw…and then all of the sudden I wrote the poetry, that was total surrender! Like “Oh, I don’t have to control everything! It was so profound for me, it was my biggest learning. I could just let go, I didn’t have to be good.

It was the unlearning of everything I thought I needed to do to be good, which is where the creative flow is. It’s being in total allow and surrender. And it gave me a lot of confidence and really started this unwinding of deep wound of self hatred and not good enough feeling. Like whoa, ok, all of this is outside of who I think I am and it doesn’t matter at all. Whatever I think i’m supposed to be is such bullshit and I can just be, and it’s amazing, and I cant thank you enough. It was tremendous.” ~ Laurie


“I experienced facing my biggest fears repeatedly, especially my biggest fear of being seen. The more I did it, the more I knew I liked to do it…. The natural high from being yourself! Having a strong, safe container to face fears over and over again until they lost their power over me was essential.

The best thing I took with me was receiving, witnessing, support, and acceptance as I bumbled through. It was really healing for me, I felt I was not enough, had abandonment fears, but I kept showing up and was seen and loved, and that’s all I needed to do.” ~ Sarah


“I had the best experience with CC’s small group creative coaching. So many tools were given, and I felt deeply supported in the group class environment. It helped to have others to share my journey with, and CC did a great job supporting us all along the process. I learned so much from the others as well, and I felt it added to my personal growth.

The group was exactly what I needed to reach my artistic goals, heal some past patterns holding me back, and say yes to my creative dreams that I had pushed aside for so long! I will definitely do her group work again, I found the support invaluable! Having something every week and having my goals supported in that way was life changing and very practical as well. I felt loved and magic was created every time we met!” ~Audra Escalante

How do I join?

I work in small groups with one on one sessions to compliment.
The interaction with the group is crucial for the healing.
Groups are small and divinely orchestrated.
Acceptance by interview only.

Our next group begins Oct 11th. Each session is 2 hours.
This is a daytime group, 1-3pm ET.
We meet a total of 12 times

The time period is three months, and runs till mid January, with breaks for the holidays.
Another group will start after that should you want to continue.

Anyone who signs up for small group coaching can take my other evening classes for free, provided they fully show up and participate.

Let’s connect to see if this program is right for you! Please contact me via this form.

Creative Coaching

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