Creation Activation live Community tele-channelings with CC are the heart of the teachings at Lightschool. The guides and Masters come in and give us a teaching, activation and meditation to focus on for the month. This creates a powerful arc of spiritual study, ongoing support and a stimulus for growth in your life, activating your soul’s purpose and creative expression.

After 4 years of CC doing this on her own she has invited the sisterhood from LightSchool for the Sacred Arts to join in on co-creating the calls. The calls will now be donation and meet at the beginning of each month, rather than on the new moon. We will have channelings and creative work on each call.

If you are looking for monthly guidance and energy to keep your life, visions and spiritual practice on track, these calls are perfect for you.

Classes are now by donation.
All proceeds go towards the Sacred Stone Camp and Standing Rock related causes.

Donation is via Paypal, credit or debit.For credit or debit, press the  “pay with paypal” button.It will take you to the paypal login page. Fill out the form underneath the “Don’t have a paypal acct?” section, press “continue” and it will prompt debit or credit.  Thank you.

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Creation Activation gives you:

•  Specific teachings to work with the energies of the month – stimulating your growth

•  A supportive community in which to grow  – from anywhere in the world

•  Recordings of every channeling, you can always participate absentee and just listen to the recording

•  Deep and unexpected healings, shifts and upgrades

•  Focused time to work through blocks in your creativity and life

“What I loved about this class, I attribute to CC’s ability to call in specific vibrational frequencies.  As a channel for Spirit’s energy, she has mastered the allowing (so there are minimal or no filters) and she remains courageous and present even as the force of what has been called is bigger than expected.  So, there is no dilution of the power.  As a class leader, she finds the good and beautiful in each participant; this makes being in class safe and easier to go to a deeper vulnerable space.”

Sharon Martin

“I truly resonate with CC Treadway’s tele-channelings. Absolutely love her work, from sacred sound healing and light language, to the perspectives and messages she brings through.”

Brian Besco

“Just so you know, this past month has been a real roller coaster for me; intense revisiting of old patterns, last months channeling was a lifeboat, kept me afloat emotionally, kept me anchored and connected to the unchangeable. Thank YOU for bringing it through.


“Dear CC, that last channeling was more than incredible. Thank you. With much appreciation and Love,”


CC what a wonderful meditation that was!  I would have written you right away that night, but I felt so focused and clear that I kept it going all night with more meditation, chakra love, even built a little alter.  🙂  That was truly transformative.  Thank you so very much.  There were several parts that spoke to me quite powerfully…one in particular about being open to something new happening, being open to history not repeating itself (or at least that is how I heard it).  I can’t wait to listen again.  I look forward to the next call!

With deep gratitude,


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