Divine Blueprint: Create is for the spiritually adventurous,

the consciousness junkies, the interdimensional travelers and creators.

Divine Blueprint:Create is all about accessing your highest potential from your I AM Monadic Self, downloading your next step, bypassing the mind and allowing the subconscious to release its grip on your forward motion, pleasure, and creativity.  It unlocks your soul energy, your connection to the mystery and results in deep cellular shifts and awakenings.
It’s a totally feminine process and requires your full surrender.

Are you:

• Feeling stuck in your life or creative process

• Wanting deeper trust and self confidence to follow through with your creative process

• Bored with your life, needing inspiration

• Ready to fully live your creative dreams

• Longing to cut out the mind chatter and sink deep into your soul in a powerful, healing container

• Wanting to be creatively inspired and motivated

• Spiritually adventurous and ready for unexpected miracles and mystery to delight your life


Vera de Chalambert
Spiritual Storyteller and Scholar


“When CC sings, it is the deep calling to the deep. Time and time again I have been profoundly touched by her voice and her talent. There is a healing gift in her music, the kind of sound that stirs the soul and leaves us changed.  Whatever it is that moves through her instrument, it transfigures, reorganizes, it touches the heart and leaves us hopelessly drenched in the Great Mystery. I remember being at a gathering where CC led a short meditation ending in a kind of sacred song that seemed to have erupted from some wholly unknown universe- I don’t know how long it lasted- but it carried me for what seemed like lifetimes and left me in a deep velvet void – when I came to, I felt like a profound healing has taken place. I carry such gratitude for this experience.”

CC enters into a stream of creative and healing energy and, together with the guides, transmits sounds and energies, sometimes words, that work on your subtle and emotional levels, clearing, charging and making way for your creativity to emerge unhindered. 

Your creativity is not limited to making art, it’s simply the juice of life that wants to move through you. You may be surprised as to what wants to come out, that’s the fun. It could manifest as business, parenting, writing, sexuality, really anything that requires your creative energy. 

Listen below.

Nancy WIndfire


“Reaching deep inside, finding powerful, hidden feelings of restraint, bound, constricted from goddess knows how many life times! Then, feeling totally supported by CC, others attending and Mother Nature, we were able to fearlessly let these powerful truths emerge, courageously dancing & singing our soul songs and awakening to our pure life force! CC provided such an incredibly safe, loving accepting space for all this to emerge.” 

CURRICULUM: Subject to Evolve

Week 1:  The Hathor Temple

The land of the Venusians is the galactic source of appreciation for creativity, sexuality, relationships, healing and beauty. It is the place of restoration. Here in the Hathor Temple, we access frequencies of sound, light and color to connect you to the pure multidimensional channel of creation and appreciation.

Week 2:  Ecstasy and Earth

Mother Gaia, the animals and plants welcome you as a creative force of nature. Here we receive sounds from the matriarchal system of Earth in harmony with life, welcoming your unique creative spark as an essential part of the natural whole. Feel rejuvenated and inspired as your remember, on the deep soul level, your unique creative gift. Feel the magic of Gaia and her vast, powerful, unconditional love as your unexplainable thirst for life and creativity is re-booted. It’s all about the juice.

Week 3: The Sacred Brotherhood at Your Service

But, creation is not just about the feminine. Here is where so many are stopped, in the fear of how they will make a living, how they will fit in, support their family, or be perceived by society. Here is where the trust gets broken. And so, the sacred masculine steps forth to transmit the 5th dimensional collective structure that is in constant, effortless action to bring your unique gifts into harmony with society, to position you where you need to be to meet your next collaborator or investor, to give you the download on how to walk through your fears and blocks, to help you feel supported, loved and protected as you reveal your raw, creative essence.

Week 4:  Wildcard: Create and Enjoy

This final class is the integration, time to bring your creative energy into its full expression. It is also the wildcard class, as the content of it will really depend on what happened in the previous three classes.

“…I was in severe pain…at that moment, CC Treadway took the stage to share her gorgeous voice with us. I had attended one of CC’s concerts in New York a couple of years ago, so I said a quick prayer — “CC & Spirit, remove this pain from me.” Ten minutes later, I was just fine, laughing & dancing with everyone. It is not just the beautiful voice of the healer; it is the heart & the commitment to healing people, by walking the path & being of service. Thank you, CC Treadway, for walking the path and being of excellent service to the community.”  


Classes can be done live or with recordings.
All classes are recorded and sent to you.

WHEN: Mondays 8-9:30pm ET  

June 19th, 26th, July 3rd and 10th.

Structure of calls:

  1. Introduction/sharing
  2. Sound Healing
  3. Meditation/Creation Time
  4. Closing Channeling


I. Course only  

Four 90 min live classes/recordings………………………..$175 before 6/7, $225 after

II. Private Package:

Maybe you have some personal work you would like more attention with. In a private sound channeling session with CC, you will receive more in depth healing and activation work to unlock your creative process. Traumas and limiting beliefs can be cleared directly. Life purpose is activated.Recording included.

Course + Private Sound Channeling: ………………….. $350 before 6/7, $400 after

III. Creative Package: Custom Animal Totem Paintings

The animals dearly want us to return into the heart of the earth, into the love that makes us all. To have a painting hanging in your environment as a constant reminder and conduit for that animal’s particular gift to humanity, especially if you are in an urban environment, is a huge service to the animals as well as the humans. CC connects with your totem and paints not just the image, but the transmission of energy your totem is gifted with.

Course + Private Sound Channeling + Personal Animal Totem Painting
……………………………………………………………………………………..(Inquire for pricing)

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CC Treadway is a classically trained sacred singer, sound healer, channel and artist. She taps into the celestial planes of sound, infusing every note with the signature of the Divine. Her work as a healer has given her a profound understanding of how the body and soul respond to sound, especially when music and love come together. Her original music weaves together classical, folk and the sacred through passionate emotions and layered harmonies – creating a rich, musical landscape from which to open the heart.

As a member of the spiritual and creative renaissance community of New York City (Unitribe, Artist Ashram, Galiana, Made in Prayer), she is constantly inspired and motivated to contribute and collaborate. She performs original music and leads vocal workshops at sacred events, ceremonies, festivals and healing concerts. She currently sings with the Thom Sessa Invitational Choir, an inspirational gospel choir that performs throughout the South Florida Unity Church Community.

CC is also has a lifetime of working in the visual arts and has begun a series of Animal Totem Paintings based on her healing experiences with them in the dreamtime.

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