Your heart is precious and deserves to be cherished

Your longings for creative ecstasy are real

You can heal your heart and open to love and life again

Let’s get to it






You can not only heal, but break through your pain into the deep well of creativity, love, spirituality and joy that lives within you.


Unable to recover after a breakup, divorce or loss of any kind

Overworking/overcompensating/overachieving but cant enjoy your success and/or talents

A feeling of loneliness you cannot shake

Maybe you’ve simply been through a lot and need support to move forward

Habitually creating patterns of isolation and/or stagnation

Not able to carry forth your creative visions

Betraying yourself and your boundaries for “love”

Continually attracting partners who abandon you in some way

Difficulty managing your emotions within a relationship

Feeling that if you are your full self and speak your truth, you will be alone

Feeling a sense of hopelessness and despair about life

Believing your life is incomplete without a partner

Feeling like you just cant get enough love or attention

Underneath it all, feeling unworthy of, or unable to create the life you truly want

Of all the wounds I work with in my practice, the abandonment wound is the most common, the most piercing and the most in need of unconditional love.

The journey from heartbreak, loss and abandonment to full-self, creative claiming is the most rewarding and fulfilling journey you will take. There is more pain, but more reward in this process than any other I’ve worked with.
If you are brave, and you are willing you will get there.

Can you imagine what happens on the other side….

When you take back your power, energy and love and take charge of your life?
When generations of sorrow begins to turn into joy, right inside your body?
When your soul, united with your divine self, feels safe and loved for the first time?

What was once hopeless, unending cries of despair turn into a
chorus of fulfillment, pleasure and faith!

What was once emptiness and overwhelm
fills with energy, art and love!

What was once self doubt becomes
excitement, empowerment and strength!

It is my greatest honor to take everything I’ve been through and open the bridge for you to heal, to hold the space for all of this to arise within you.


Turn Your Broken Heart into Art takes you through a deep process of cleansing out the past, and bravely facing all that you resist to unlock your deepest, most passionate, most creative, most available-to-life self. It uses the magic of energy healing, sisterhood and creative expression, among other things, to set you free.

This course can help you: 

Honor your sacred, tender heart as your guide

Learn deeper intuition and self respect

Be held in a supportive sisterhood that deeply understands what you are going through.

Connect to spirit for guidance and healing

Access the deep, feminine well of power that lives within you and this planet

Trust your true creative calling in this lifetime and begin to act upon it

Stop betraying yourself sexually and emotionally

Have your YES and your NO when you get confused or freeze 

Deeply honor your sensitive, wild and passionate spirit

Allow the space for your whole self, brokenness and all,
to participate in your vibrant, unpredictable life journey


Curriculum: Subject to Evolve, begins Sat, FEB 24th at 9amPT/12pmET

I. Building the Spiritual Temple

In this first portion of the work, we dive deep into the spiritual realms to get your connection to guidance, and guidance skills at a consistent and powerful level. The more you nourish your spiritual temple, the more clear and potent the messages are. This work is what aligns you with your god-self, making the choices and decisions in union with the divine. We will have powerful support from the Goddess, from the lineage of the Mary’s, Isis and the Hathors, who’s expertise is to create an environment of safety and consistent restoration for your wise, innocence to unfold. Your grief and wails are welcome as the alchemical container we create transmutes your pain back into pure life force energy. We integrate this work with deep lessons on the psychology of heartbreak, betrayal and healing, so that your mind is able to process your experience. This is the space of miracles, and we welcome them.

II. Clearing the Feminine Vessel
& Unlocking Your Power

We will specifically work with the womb and feminine power. Old sexual and relational traumas, pain from childbirth, miscarriage or abortion will be cleared from your system, revealing more of your true empowered nature. We will tend to your inner child through psycho-spiritual work, and help you to begin to re-pattern your relational habits. Through daily meditations with sound and channeling, creative playtime as well as our weekly sessions, your system will begin to unwind from its old way of being, preparing your chalice to be filled with the primordial, creative fluid of life, awakening you to the full creative woman. The mysteries of the womb will begin to reveal themselves to you as the group steps into this ancient connection to the primal feminine.  Self esteem, self worth and self confidence are the result. We work closely with Mother Earth this month. 

III. The Creative Chalice

As the wounds and blockages are released and the soul has more room in the body to flow, creativity and pleasure will naturally start to express itself and you will find yourself in the abundant flow of life, magnetically attracting your dreams. In this section we allow for your creativity to flow unhindered and begin to take form whether it be writing, art, dance, business, relationship, sexuality, or simply the love affair with life. The juice of your essence is finally given the time and attention it needs to express and create! We celebrate and give you the time and space to fully take in and be fulfilled your gifts and your life. We also tend to habitual sabotage patterns that may arise as your shakti flows with more freedom than it ever has. 

Self care is the foundation upon which your creativity is built. You will learn, from the inside out what self care is, and the alchemical transformation that occurs when the body itself reaches towards that care as an instinct. This is the primary way the body and soul resets its desires, allowing the universe to respond to your divine core, rather than your wounds.

And More!


Each week there is a creative assignment to allow your inner world to speak and be nourished. You may be surprised what is being held in your subconscious, but this is how we find out! The most exciting element of this work is the sisterhood that is created and the surprises that come forth from spirit when held in a sacred container for 3 months. 

Optional Private Energy Healings


Through specific cleansing and repairing techniques, CC will help to restore and strengthen your energy field and release the traumatic imprints that have kept you locked in difficult patterns. Private sessions are also the time to work anything that comes up with the material on a deeper level.



This work is not meant to replace the work of psychotherapy, but to compliment it. Prior history of psychotherapy is a requirement for this course, and having someone to work through the emotions that arise may be very helpful.

Now more than ever, the collective feminine wound is being exposed and women are rising up to claim their full selves.

Are you ready to do the work of our time?

To step into the new paradigm of self empowerment, integrated femininity, ownership of sexuality, spiritual bliss, evolutionary relationships and creative change making in the world?

If you are a HELL YEAH, join us today!

How to share about my work with CC Treadway… How to accurately convey the power in her work…?

Let’s put it this way… the amount of healing, growth, and embodiment that I have stepped into since I began working with CC has been life changing.

From her I have learned the art of creating and holding sacred space with love and integrity and surrender. With her I discovered my purpose in spreading the magic.

Through the art I have made within the Treadway Esoteric healing container, the creator in me was activated.

And I am now using my creative spirit to activate my magic every day. Sometimes it’s painting, sometimes it’s building my work, sometimes it’s the written word, sometimes it’s song. With CC I have learned how to let art and creativity heal and nourish me.

I can not recommend this work highly enough. If TURN YOUR BROKEN HEART INTO ART is speaking to you… do it. You’ll be so glad you did.

Lizzie Reiss

Healer, teacher and magic creator, Magic Is Real

A song for the beloved within and without.


My two purposes within healing are: Connecting people directly to their divine source and re-awakening feminine intelligence, creativity and power.

This work began for me in college when, after losing my virginity by date rape and suffering a heart wrenching betrayal, I began to make films about all the feelings I was having. There was no other way to deal with the deluge of pain that was flooding me night and day. I found that no one really knew what to do with the intensity of emotion that came over me, but making the films was cathartic, and helped me to process the many different parts of my reaction I had no frame of reference for.

After I showed these films, woman after woman came up to me to on the street to thank me, to cry to me, and to hug me. They had been given a voice, and a huge piece of my purpose, whether I liked it or not, had landed in my lap.

It took me a long time to stand tall and proud in this work because of how vulnerable it is. But after a lifetime of training and working with hundreds of women one on one and in groups, I know this is my not just my purpose but my passion. 


My 20’s were not a walk in the park. No matter how much therapy I did, the trauma kept repeating, again and again. At 29, after being raped in Puerto Rico, I had a nervous breakdown.  I found myself at new healer’s office, ready to take my own life.

As I sat across from him, I felt for the first time that I was seen for what I was going through, without judgement. I truly wanted to die, and he got it. He told me I had been through enough, and that the guides were coming in and would clear as much karma as they could. He also did several specific energy healing techniques as I completely passed out. After that healing I slept for 24 hours, perhaps my soul did leave my body to be restored. Because when I woke up I was ‘born again’ and for the next two weeks I walked around in bliss. I had never felt bliss before. I had always been spiritually open, but full of anxiety and depression.  Never had I experienced the constant nourishment and confidence that I started feeling on that day, the day I had been reconnected to my God Self, permanently. The memories no longer had a grip on me. I was free, and I was safe. I was never raped again.

From that point forward my healing began, with many many ups and downs and grey areas. I began developing self esteem, boundaries and empowered thinking.

A few years later, I found myself at another crossroads after breaking up with what felt like the love of my life. The heartbreak was so severe that my entire sexuality shut down. And I did not know how to get it back. It lay dormant for years, and I grew fearful of life again because of it.

Again, energy healing was the first step, but the second step was a deep dive into my feminine essence, into the womb and into my power. I needed to move completely from victimhood to womanhood. It was only when I did that, that I fully understood who I was as, not just as a spiritual being having a human experience, but as a Woman. I felt, from the inside out, a passionate and confident force that was all mine.And I knew, no matter what happened, I could find it again and reclaim it. After this, a deluge of men came into my life. It’s still that way.

If you want to hear….and then I met my perfect husband…that’s not what this is about. Each relationship I’ve entered has been my spirit calling to me to go even deeper within my own path of soul growth, relating, creativity, transformational teaching and healing for others. I wake up each day strong in my intentions, but easy on the expectations, because ultimately surrender and partnership with the Divine is how deep fulfillment and joy occurs. Today I enjoy a self made life of healing and teaching work, painting, sacred singing and collaborative creative projects. After generations of enslavement to the patriarchy, my feminine essence is free. And she is unstoppable.

And that is what I am here to offer and share with you. It is the work of our time, for women to emancipate from the old victim paradigm, into the new paradigm of self empowerment, integrated femininity, ownership of sexuality and creative change making in the world. 

Are you ready?

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