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Turn Your Broken Heart into Art

BEGINS SAT FEB 24th, 9am PT, 12pm ET.


You receive:

2 hr weekly, interactive calls, live with CC for 3 months
Recordings of each call
FB group for regular support and check ins
Many bonus classes, meditations and materials.
Daily art ritual and spiritual practice

The most important thing you receive is being held in a transformational container for three months. The guides and CC set it up especially for the students that enroll, and are constantly nourishing this space so that you and your soul are in connection with spirit the entire time. These classes stay small so each person gets personal attention and the opportunity to really sink into their healing and creative process with CC and the group.

1 payment of $999

3 payments of $333


All of the above plus monthly private energy healing sessions with CC

1 payment of $1333

3 payments of $444


By CC Treadway

She said
Have it all
as my tears gave way to
rivers and waterfalls
the currents of life
flowing through me
resistance couldn’t hold back
the flow of love
that wanted me
the having it all of life
when i am part of it

there’s no controlling the river
as i crawl to her shore
muddy knees, wet soil
eyes deep in my desire
not for the weak
not for the too strong
but for the surrendered
for the broken open hearted

She said
Give it over
but the Need gripped me
held my throat
stopped my delicious
dirt soaked surrender

Tell me
but it was lifetimes deep
i must keep fighting
who was i if not controlling this
ugly, disgusting, insatiable Need?

in the face of She
i could no longer hold
the dam burst
the reservoir of truth
shame fear grief anger
years of longing
released from the cauldron
loud beyond reason
heard through every layer
of substance that had ever
breathed itself alive



wanted to know everything
Tell me!
Show me the depth of your Cry!
the wails had me now
tearing up my way
life tangled everywhere
sounds more powerful
than memory

and She
was not afraid
of this overpowering lonely
this unlovable darkness
this primal cry from
my intolerable, bottomless Need!
She fearlessly
held my battered body
as I looked up
into her unwavering gaze
echoes of my wail cascading
through dimensions
as I took in
her loving strength
her certainty
in the vast unknown
as I woke up with
unfamiliar feelings of
nothing wrong

My daughter
Your primordial Need is the
Fertilizer for Creation
I long to hear its song
So I can summon
All of life
At your precious feet
So I may love you
Exactly as you


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