Dear Family,

Today is a deliciously rainy day. I sit inside my beautiful apartment on Miami Beach, looking around at all the tropical foliage, at the water that is just outside my window, and take in all that I have. I am excited as my next training week at the Advanced Program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing is about to start. What wonders and gifts will be given? It’s always amazing and juicy.

Over the last few months love, divinity and joy have opened in my life on profoundly deep levels. This has not been by accident, but by sheer determination, surrender and practice. I have received message after message from Spirit to further disconnect from the collective pain body and reconnect to the natural system of earth, all she provides, and how she connects humanity safely to each other.

I am not ignorant to the goings on, and I reserve time to grieve for those who are being treated unfairly, and allow time for my energy field to process out the fear and pain if necessary. And it furthers my resolve to recenter and reconnect to what is good, what is supportive and what is working. Through all of this, maintaining, celebrating and being in our humanity is our saving grace.

I am encouraging each one of you to do the same. We are not effective if we are in a state of reaction with our emotions. Outrage is counted on by those who are writing the political script. Those writers use the lower astral as a source of power, so the more you are fighting, the more food for the lower astral energies you create. This is actually quite deliberate on their part. The more you push against them, or resist, the more power they have. They know this. All of the resistance does not make them nervous, it makes them fat.

Our pure, honest emotions flowing through us give us access to our center. We do not own these emotions, and they do not own us. They flow through to teach us and cleanse us so we do not become bitter, and so we do not lose our powers as the authors and architects of our reality.

• Pure grief opens channels of compassion and love, resistance creates war. 

• Pure anger creates power and action,  hatred creates enemies. 

• Pure fear brings us present to our vulnerability,  outrage keeps us locked into fighting.

As we disconnect from the propaganda story, the real human story inside of us can emerge. We can be responsive when Creator gives us a job, we have the energy to serve others, and we do so from a place of sovereignty, calm and love. We can see how to maneuver through what may at first appear scary, but then as we are given a solution, we can flow like water. Spirit will place us exactly where we need to be, give us the energy to take the action we were born to do, and harmonize our gifts in community. We can see many examples of this taking place around the world right now as well. Humanity is rediscovering itself as One.

To support this process, I highly recommend listening to this  channeling by Tom Kenyon, please do so. It shifted me on a deep level.

May you feel love, compassion and encouragement during this time.

From the Great Mystery,


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