Hooooo boy, the inauguration is upon us! With up to 100,000 women marching this Saturday, we know that the times were are in are so much bigger than who is president. And yet, there are those that would have us remain in a state of emotional chaos so we can’t feel our power, so we cannot rise to the truth of who we are, and the truth of what the times are calling for.

The main war we are dealing with is the war on our psyche that results in the insistence that we are alone an enslaved, rather than sovereign and free in a community of Spirit.

In the old days, a community would support the healer by taking care of them, feeding them, paying for them, etc.  A healer’s natural instinct is always to take care of someone when they need. It’s an automatic reflex. That was understood by the community, and understood that in an interdependent system, the healer’s needs should be taken care of.  I used to lament that it doesn’t seem to work that way anymore.

But then one day I realized that even in those days, a healer would not be supported if they weren’t fully living their calling and also very good at it. An artist wouldn’t be supported unless they expressed themselves at their full potential. True success for anyone is entirely dependent on this truthful alignment, and the commitment to excellence, no matter who is politically in charge.

Even a renunciate did so to step fully into God’s will, to allow the natural system of abundance to take care of them, and to let go of the human system that keeps them separate from their god self. This has been horribly misunderstood to mean that if you are spiritual, you should be poor.  That is part of the Piscean Age which says: spirituality is separate from regular society. I would say, in the Age of Aquarius, that we are being challenged to bring spirit back into our every day lives, to allow the sacred to flow through our thoughts all day, and to allow our systems to reflect that. No more hiding, we are in this together.

The problem today is not our corrupt system, it is that most people are half committed to the real truth of themselves, and therefore they get half assed results. Letting a full blast of creative energy flow through your body is scary for most people.  It completely defies generations of withholding, and cellular memories of persecution. But only when in this alignment, can the universe show up for you on every level, only then are you fully free, and in full abundance.

Who wants to support someone who is half-assed, or scared that there isn’t enough for everyone? No one, not even God 🙂

A true renunciate has already mastered the levels of society and renounces his dependence on lack based systems. He steps into his pure, core energy and is able to manifest money, food, healing, and creativity through pure devotion of the Source in all things, especially himself.

Any human being is fully supported by the natural laws of life by stepping into their pure source energy and living it fully. Period.

But this state of mind must be practiced, and today, it must be practiced together. In today’s world, your freedom, self worth and belief in yourself are being constantly challenged by the media and emotional reactions of others. But if enough people step up to the challenge, then we have a new civilization. Period.

Are you up for this challenge? Are you ready to claim your full sovereign self?

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