A long time ago, the mystery schools were created so that the worlds above could be in harmony with the middle and lower worlds. There was an understanding that in order for civilization to thrive, there would need to be locations of concentrated energies where people could spiritually catalyze through the generations. These schools, linked with the pure spiritual energies of their lineages, provided channels between earth and the spirit realms at choice points on the Earth. This conversation between spirit and matter, Earth and the Cosmos, Humanity and Star Family, was a constant song, a song that sang throughout the universe.

“Matter” or the physical plane, and Earth, was and is, a blessed creation of Spirit. The creation of Earth and its peoples called forth the sacred lineages, and the energies that created this planet, to continually nurture and develop the creation.

Through the lineages and archetypes, gods and goddesses had access to cultures, could easily teach them, provide them with spiritual nourishment and keep them on track. But I suppose, Earth, and all of its players, whether physical or energetic, had free will and wanted to explore it all.

Of course, we know that there are forces that systematically have destroyed these places of spiritual concentration and connection for many reasons I wont go into, but it all comes back to human beings, and even spiritual beings,  who have forgotten their divine origin, and have gotten lost in the game.

Today, we can see we are at a crossroads. Many of us have incarnated to bring back the sacred to life, to bring back the divine connection, and to in fact, create an entirely new system. But others hold tight to fear, division, righteousness and violence. My heart has been breaking to witness and feel this. And yet, it is not the time to drop back into that paradigm. Our place remains the same.

We came here to experience a lifetime of change, inspiration, uncertainty, unraveling, the claiming of our divinity, the claiming of our sovereignty, the destruction of old systems and so much more that makes us feel so very unstable….

One of the very important tasks that volunteers are ushering into the new world, is to see the spiritual energy that has been bottled up, forgotten and separated for thousands of years, released into all systems of the planet, and all human beings. This is what LightSchool for the Sacred Arts is a part of, and this work is very, very important right now.

The new paradigm mystery school is not fixed, it needs to be flexible and mobile to open up portals in different places on the earth, and to help to open people back into their divine connection and creative power. The new mystery school invites each adept to tap into themselves as Creator. The new mystery school takes place within in a modern and global society, a society that is connecting with itself in many ways, more and more every day.

To learn more about the year long program: LightSchool for the Sacred Arts, Click here.

Or contact me to set up a time to talk about it, I would love to connect with you personally.

Class begins January 23rd,2017. Enrollment is now open.

From the Great Mystery,


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