As someone who is constantly diving into the inner universes to explore and transform, I often have profound encounters with my Higher Self. Over the summer, I had an experience with her that surpassed any other contact I had ever had, and I have been channeling, talking to and embodying her for over 10 years.

I was lying down on my bed, relaxing and I heard myself ask…

“What if my personality/ego stopped fighting my Divine Self?”

I asked this question, because I could feel tension in my body and mind where I was holding on, where I was still bracing myself from life. It was a very quiet question, but at that moment I felt my resistance melt, and my Divine Self completely entered my consciousness and physical body. It felt like a perfect combination of love and wisdom that flowed like light water through my whole everything.

And then, something happened that had never happened before. I felt my personality fuse with my Higher Self’s personality. I’m not sure I had ever considered that my Higher Self had a personality, but in fact, in this fusion I understood that she has a pretty big one, like mine but huge.

And, another thing happened, I fell completely, head over heels in love with her/me. She felt like this celebrity that came to visit me, and I was a little girl, skipping around the house adoring her.

At that point my Higher Self became affectionately known as Higher Selfie. She likes it, because as it turns out she is very playful. I decided that I would still keep my two identities a little separate because the feeling of being in love with her, and being her were both so pleasurable.

But Higher Selfie wasn’t just here to make me feel all giddy. She had some messages for me, and for the next two days, she stayed fully embodied and present within me, and it changed me forever.

The first thing she did was go right into any places where I still held victim energy. In the funniest, tough love kind of way she told me she was tired of it, it was totally stupid. She let her energy touch the places that were still ‘fighting my causes’, and then I would just laugh because it was all so ridiculous.

I live in 3 places: Miami, Sedona, and New York, but my primary residence is in Miami and this frustrates me because the energy in Sedona is so much higher, and New York is so much more sophisticated and creative. When I am in Sedona I feel all my troubles just shed and I am just my Divine Self, totally over the human drama.  When I am in New York, I feel constant creative inspiration, and the deepest sense of belonging from my community. Then I come back to Miami and I feel like I am thrown into Satan’s Palace. The vibe is low here, and while there are wonderful people, the general consciousness is very satisfied with Satan’s company. I”m clearly stationed here for many reasons, but I’ve been fighting it the whole time.

Higher Selfie said to me, “If you want me to be able to come and connect, and be embodied in you, and give you the boosts of remembering that you desire, then you need to do your practice every morning. It’s not like Sedona where the vibe is so high I can just jump in any time, it’s Miami, it’s the swamp. You need to make it easier for me to come in by doing your work. You can’t be lazy here. Create the right environment by making your body and space palatable for me, quit the whining and I can be here very often.”

Now you gotta understand, I’m a straight talking New Yorker, I LOVE it when people are real with me when they are actually right. (If they’re not right they better stay silent.) So, if Higher Selfie is gonna school me in this way, I’m on board.

With stars in my eyes I said, “Oh, please continue Higher Selfie!”

I had gone through a little breakup, and was doing alright, but I asked Higher Selfie to shed some light,

Until you meet your true beloved, every romance is there either to clear karma, or for pleasure. There is no way you to avoid meeting your beloved because I know exactly who he is, and it will be obvious, it’s part of your path.

In this last lifetime you have agreed, with my help, to clear every bit of remaining karma from every other lifetime. This is your major work. It’s a lot of work, I know it isn’t easy. I am helping you all of the time. While you do your work, I go to other lifetimes and help to clear. We are doing this so you/I can graduate.  You have several other lifetimes that are also helping with this plan, you have met a few of them as you know. You will not stop until you are done. And then you will meet your soul match and fuse together to do deep planetary and universal work by exploring the depths of love, and expanding it through earth’s energy field.

My mouth dropped, my eyes wide and fixed. You know, because you hear things, you feel things, but to have it so clearly laid out, and so clearly experienced was incredible. While I am a complete spiritual devotee, I am also very conscious of not getting caught up in New Age rhetoric, but I had to surrender to this information as it rang true in every cell.

I said, “Higher Selfie…I confess, I am pretty bored with life a lot of the time. It’s tiring, exhausting really, in between moments of inspiration. I feel I have accomplished so many goals already, and of course I can come up with new ones, and get into them, but actually I’m bored a lot of the time.”

I felt guilty saying this because I am aware of how much better my life is than most people on the globe, but Higher Selfie understood.

She said, “Of course you’re bored. You’ve been doing this forever, for thousands of lifetimes. Just let yourself be bored, and then have fun again when you get bored of being bored.” Ha! What can I say? I love myself.

“Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s perfect. When you unite with your soul match, life will become very, very interesting for you, as the depths of intimacy with another in the unknown has no end. Know you are on track and doing a great job and you are always supported and helped. You chose this path and it is a lot of work, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.”

For two full days I felt her loving, wise and smart ass presence. Every time I would start to whine about being in Miami, or something of that nature, she would make me stop and become fully present with her until it passed and I felt empowered. Because of this energetic rewiring, new and amazing people, as well as creative opportunities started landing on my doorstep. I didn’t have to do anything for these opportunities to arrive but align in this way, and the invitations would arrive.

I took her to the beach for a jog and felt the same level of ecstasy that I feel when I’m out in Sedona. The skies opened up, the energy expanded, the sunset had never looked more beautiful.  I cried because I was so happy, I was back in God’s house! I didn’t feel stuck anymore. I understood why everything was happening, I felt good about where I was, and I knew that at a certain point, the right point, my life would shift into the direction my personality was also excited about.

I also now more fully understood why Higher Selfie comes and goes, and what I need to do to get back in the sweet spot. I have always felt I operated as a collective. And in this way, I, my I AM presence, and my whole Monadic conglomerate, feel unified and in cooperation. It’s a good feeling for a multidimensional lady like me.

It’s been a few months since then. I’ve had a lot more delicious time with Higher Selfie in this new way. I have also come to understand that many people are going through a similar process, naturally. Whenever I forget, which is bound to happen, I request once again that my personality and Divine Self stop fighting and merge with each other instead. Higher Selfie comes in and we laugh, dance and plot our future together. 

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