We, the LightSchool team, decided to switch it up for the fall and offer a series of FREE CALLS to heighten the creativity and magic of the season. We want to support YOU in opening to the vast, juicy, expansive and loving energies of your creative spirit.

Do you need a sacred environment from which to create your masterpieces?

Are you longing for more community interaction for your projects?

Do you feel like you’re the only one experiencing art as a sacred expression of your divine self?

The LightSchool for the Sacred Arts environment is dedicated to creating and holding a high vibe, profound and catalytic space for your inner artist to emerge and be seen.

As the LightSchool community grows, we get inspired to share more, offer more open more and create more. We are filling the season with magic, gifts, spells and potions, and most importantly, togetherness. The process and environment of LightSchool is hard to describe, so we decided to give you a little bit of the experience. As always, the Hathors will overlight the process.


These classes give you the opportunity to join the LightSchool community, create some beautiful art and expand your creative vision.

We are gonna get witchy and juicy, join us for the seasonal fun!

All FREE classes begin at 8pm ET. The first half is teaching and the second half is collective creative time in a meditative space.

  1. Sept 26- Creating with the Elements – drawing
  2. Oct 24th  – Ancestral Creative Power – spells/poems
  3. Nov 28 – Gift Making for the Season – potions
  4. Dec 19 – Hathor Yule Blessing – mixed media

In between classes there are assignments and we will share our work on the FB group and inspire each other!  We will have a theme and medium for each class, and you are always welcome to take it in the direction you are guided to go. It is not mandatory to come to all calls (although recommended) Calls will all be recorded and posted in the FB group.

TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES, email me at cc at treadwayesoteric.com with FREE CALLS in the title.

JOIN FB GROUP HERE:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/lightschoolarts/

I am SOOO excited.



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