I am returning to NYC for the month of September and will be doing private sessions in Manhattan.

My healing work has shifted dramatically since the last time I was in NY with all the new energies, but also because my private practice has flourished since then, allowing me the opportunity to work with and train many, many more people. Through the Advanced Channeling workshop, a new system of guidance was downloaded, with a whole new set of guides. I look forward to seeing new and old clients.


Here are the details:

Appts available from 2-7pm

Wed, the 7th 
Tues, the 13th
Thurs, the 15th, 
Mon, the 19th 

Sessions are $175 for 75 minutes.
Due to NYC costs, there is a non-refundable deposit of $50 to book a session.

Sessions are at Atmananda Yoga (which has moved from Gramercy to the Upper East Side.)
226 East 54th street, 7th Floor 
New York, NY 10022 
Between 2nd/ 3rd Ave 

To schedule, send me an email with a few times that work for you.


There will be an Advanced Channeling workshop on Saturday, September 17th, (Manhattan location TBA.) This is a powerful, yet simple system to easily connect with your guides. This work builds trust and confidence with your healing practice, teaching you exactly how to tap into different guide sets for different types of healings. It’s a different process from how I have taught in the past, and it’s just fantastic!  
Price is $125.
To register, send me an email.

Please share with anyone in NY you think could benefit from healing work.

Thank you, see you soon NY!

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