Lizzie Rose is a faculty member of Lightschool for the Sacred Arts. She is an incredible healer, spell caster, and children’s book author, among many other things. She will be teaching the Book of Magic class.

A lot of people talk about manifesting, the law of attraction, and how what you put out into the world is what you receive.  All of that is true, but in this practical world, I need something I can hold onto! I need a definition that makes sense no matter how I’m feeling that day.. 

For me, manifesting is about integrating the energy of the thing you want into your physical, every-day, earthly, human life.

There are many ways to do this, and I combine several of them into one fruitful activity: spell casting!

These are the three most important parts of spell writing and spell casting:

Believing in Magic

Spell Writing taps into the magical, whimsical, believing spirit that is both powerful and playful.  It’s important to be in a free and easy space to manifest. In my experience, faith in a power greater than the self is an integral piece of the puzzle.


Spell Writing allows you the space to craft exactly what you want to bring in. 

What does it look like, feel like, sound like, taste like? Not sure? Let’s explore!

Take your time feeling into the energy of the thing you want and then experimenting with how you can write a spell that encapsulates all the important aspects. Meditate on it, let it float around with you for a few days in different environments and see what comes to mind.

Experiment with rhythm, repetition, powerful words, or whatever comes naturally to you!. Is there a tune that comes to mind when you think of having or being the thing you want? What or how does that make you feel?  Is there a color, pattern, element or shape that comes to mind?  How can you use it?


The spell becomes real and tangible once you’ve written it and spoken it out loud.  It becomes even more powerful when you can combine it with a piece of art created in the same energy.  In the Book of Magic creation process we use in LightSchool, we create a piece of art as the page for the spell.  Maybe this comes from patterns or a story you are telling in the spell, or just pure inspiration! We design the page to incorporate the words of the spell. Once the page is complete and the spell is inscribed on it, you are left with a truly magical piece of art that holds the energy of the thing you want in several layers. Your art and your spell can take any form. It doesn’t have to be a traditional “page.” Is it a song? Is it a sacred object? Whatever it is, it should be unique to you and created with love.

Spell Casting is a part of the curriculum at LightSchool for Sacred Arts. To learn more, please contact founder CC Treadway through the LightSchool website.

What’s the spell that’s waiting to be cast by you? Contact Lizzie for guidance!

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