Trina Lacey Flores is a faculty member at LightSchool for the Sacred Arts. Here she tells of her experience with Elemental Magic and creating her Book of Magic.

Working with magic means working with the basic elements of life – on the level of the physical, and beyond.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Everything’s made up of them, in different measures and combinations. We are born of these elements, and so are our creations. If we want our spell casting to be truly effective, we must begin to master the elements  – within and without.

My personal experience with elemental magic has led to powerful healings in my physical and emotional bodies.

Master of the Elements
We know that our bodies are mostly water. We know that our astrological chart contains a unique blend of elements. We may know how to call in the elements before a ceremony or healing.

When I started crafting magical spells, I got to know the elements in a whole new way.

Through deep meditation, esoteric practices, and visionary states, I was trained to meet the elements in their many forms. On several levels of consciousness I sought them-and was surprised to find they were right there, waiting for me.
The elements began to communicate. They showed me clear, bright images; they spoke to me in poetry. I drew them, wrote them, felt them, lived them.

And I began to understand just how each element does its work in healing and creation.

Elemental Healing
As the four elements spoke to me, works of art and writing came through to express the messages. Each one brought forth unexpected healing.

Water broke loose years of held emotions, opening pathways in my body long held shut. Air swept away anxiety and taught me a new way to pray. Fire reached into my deepest shadow place of shame with full illumination. Earth sank me into my ancestral roots, sending healing through the generations.

Through it all, my body grew stronger and clearer. The truths of old pains and afflictions were revealed; layer by layer, symptoms dissolved.

Why all this deep work, just to prepare for magical spell crafting? 

The elements taught me this – to create in a harmonious way in the world, I had to balance the elements within myself.  Every manifestation I desire has its own elemental makeup. If I’m in balance, my creations with be in balance. Simple. Amazing!

Creating With Love 
From this new understanding, I launched into spell writing. First I wrote incantation spells, calling in the gifts of each element. Next I wrote spells for healing, and spells for manifestation… spells for myself, and spells for the world.

As I created the first volume of my Book of Magic, I realized – though I hadn’t planned it this way, my very first batch of spells for personal and collective benefit lined up perfectly with the four elements!

There were four spells, and each one aligned powerfully with the energy of an element – one for Earth, one for Air, one for Fire, one for Water. The elements were now working through me so deeply, I didn’t even realize they were fully guiding the process.

Then I noticed that I had forgotten to write any spells or incantations for the fifth, all-important element… LOVE!

But as the pages came together with help from larger forces, I was told, Love is fully present in each page. Love is what weaves the elements into one another. Your entire creation is held by Love, and it beams Love back into the world.

A Life of Magic 
From there, I’ve watched my life begin to reshape itself around my deepest longings and desires.

Thanks to a Water-infused spell for prosperity, brilliant new projects have arisen for both me and my husband. Our careers are unfolding in directions we had only dreamed of before; the path to healthy, integrated, soulful abundance has opened.

An Earth-inspired spell for ancestral healing has led to deeper understanding and connection with my family… and I can’t help but notice amazing things happening in the lives of all my nearest and dearest.

A light and Airy travel spell has helped create the space for journeying and freedom – the coming year is filled with the type of spiritual quests I’ve always yearned for.

Fire’s spell burns with love for humanity… it is gathering around me the true community I seek.

And that’s just for starters. This is the beginning of a lifelong relationship, full of Love and Magic.

The elements are ready to meet you. What will you create together? 

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