Take your spiritual guidance skills to the next level for your healing work

A 4 week tele-seminar
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Taught by Master Channeler, CC Treadway

” I feel so much more confident in my healing work.”

” I opened up so much during this class, my telepathic abilities have significantly increased, I have so much more trust.”

” I am able to access medical guides when I need them now, and I’m so connected to my ancestors, who show up at every healing.”

” I’m stepping into a whole, deeper level. I want to keep going, I like it.”

Have you hit a plateau with your healing and channeling work?

Are you frustrated with your psychic abilities, knowing they could be stronger, but not quite sure how to go about developing them?

Are you ready to take your channeling and guidance to the next level?
This powerful class addresses the particular needs of professional healers and readers in today’s world, providing the opportunity for a developmental leap in abilities. Mastering guidance is a valuable tool for understanding  the psychic influences affecting your clients that would otherwise be very difficult, if not impossible, to see. This work is a perfect opportunity to gather with other serious practitioners for some study, fun and mastery.


In this 4 week workshop and lab you will learn how to:

• Move past blocks or stagnation in your guidance process

• Develop a personalized system of energy scanning and guide contacting for consistent results

• Fine tune your channeling skills to connect to your guides to receive medical information, past life information, career help, etc.

• Build your guidance team and learn to connect with them on call

This workshop is perfect for: Healers, Tarot Readers, Holistic Doctors, Artists, Channels, Spiritual Junkies, etc

This is an advanced class. It assumes that you have a working understanding of channeling, the healing process, psychic protection and energy anatomy.
Working together we can get so much further than just working alone. The energetic power of a group container amplifies your results. Personal growth and transformation is a welcomed side effect 🙂

” My life became focused in the 5th dimension. My knowingness has advanced. There’s been an accelerated opening of opportunities, and the threads that lead to the next step are very, very clear.”

Week 1

We dive right into the work where you learn how to easily shift your vibration to access guidance on different levels of the planes.


Week 2

After a week of practice, you begin to get good. In this class we get specific with which guides you need for different types of healings. Please note that your guidance team may give you an entirely unique system, or you may use what I present. Begin to practice with other students.


Week 3

Create a solid diagnostic system with your guide team that takes into account your strengths and weaknesses. Your abilities have greatly increased by now through working with the other students.


Week 4

By sharing your experience with the class  a wealth of information is translated to everyone. We close up the class with a channeling from the masters and further attunements.

When: TBA
Where: From the comfort of your home (on the phone)
If you cannot make the live calls, you can do it via recordings.


Basic Package
3 live 2 hour classes, with recordings sent to you the next day, FB group for questions and feedback
$175 for all live classes, materials and recordings if paid by Oct 19th, $197 after.
Essential oil package:
Receive a set of Wisdom of the Earth essential oils that easily open your channel and smell delicious!
Add $119
Add a private healing session with CC
You may need help to work through emotional and spiritual blocks for guidance,
or perhaps you would like some individual attention for your development.
A private session is highly recommended to take the work deeper
Add $150


To register, please fill out the contact form stating your experience as a healer/reader and intention for the course, we can proceed from there, thank you!


CC Treadway.


CC Treadway is a healer, channel, sacred artist and teacher. She has been teaching Learning to Channel workshops for 10 years and doing private and group channeling for 15 years. She primarily works with the lineages of the Magdalene’s, The Hathors, Yeshua and the Goddess. She is the founder of Treadway Esoteric and LightsSchool for the Sacred Arts.

To learn more about CC, visit



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