Hi I’m CC Treadway, Creator of Treadway Esoteric and the Lightschool for Creative Activation. I help sensitive souls with healing and creative passions to come out of hiding and share their gifts. 

The programs at Lightschool restore and support the Creative Path as Divine Union, and as a valuable, vital and dynamic force for harmony on the planet. Woven together with the ancient mysteries, earth magic and energetic healing sciences, this work gives the seeker a rich, luscious palette on which to grow, heal, learn and create. 


  LIGHTSCHOOL offers three tracks of spiritual growth and learning

Want to dive into the work?

Each month CC offers a live  tele-channeling. The guides and Masters come in and give us a teaching, activation and meditation to focus on for the month. This creates a powerful arc of spiritual study, ongoing support and a stimulus for growth in your life, activating your soul’s purpose and creative expression.

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Don’t Be Fooled By Propaganda

Dear Family, Today is a deliciously rainy day. I sit inside my beautiful apartment on Miami Beach, looking around at all the tropical foliage, at the water that is just outside my window, and take in all that I have. I am excited as my next training week at the...

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Claim Your Sovereign Power

Hooooo boy, the inauguration is upon us! With up to 100,000 women marching this Saturday, we know that the times were are in are so much bigger than who is president. And yet, there are those that would have us remain in a state of emotional chaos so we can't feel our...

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You Are A Divine Sovereign Being

The transition from 2016 to 2017 for me has been completely epic. 2016 brought many disappointments, with the finale being the election. From there, however,the disappointment grew into the greatest desire to transcend the current situation and rise into my true self….

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The Role of the New Mystery School

A long time ago, the mystery schools were created so that the worlds above could be in harmony with the middle and lower worlds. There was an understanding that in order for civilization to thrive, there would need to be locations of concentrated energies where people could spiritually catalyze through the generations. These schools, linked with the pure spiritual energies of their lineages, provided channels between earth and the spirit realms at choice points on the Earth.

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As someone who is constantly diving into the inner universes to explore and transform, I often have profound encounters with my Higher Self. Over the summer, I had an experience with her that surpassed any other contact I had ever had, and I have been channeling, talking to and embodying her for over 10 years.

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We, the LightSchool team, decided to switch it up for the fall and offer a series of FREE CALLS to heighten the creativity and magic of the season. We want to support YOU in opening to the vast, juicy, expansive and loving energies of your creative spirit.

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CC is a master channel. Her transmission is pure because her integrity is rock solid. She creates and holds a pristine space for healing, self-realization, and what it is that YOU need – for yourself, here and now. 

Samantha Ibarguen


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