Hi I’m CC Treadway, Creator of Treadway Esoteric and the Lightschool for Creative Activation. I help sensitive souls with healing and creative passions to come out of hiding and share their gifts. 

The programs at Lightschool restore and support the Creative Path as Divine Union, and as a valuable, vital and dynamic force for harmony on the planet. Woven together with the ancient mysteries, earth magic and energetic healing sciences, this work gives the seeker a rich, luscious palette on which to grow, heal, learn and create. 


  LIGHTSCHOOL offers three tracks of spiritual growth and learning

Want to dive into the work?

Each month CC offers a live  tele-channeling. The guides and Masters come in and give us a teaching, activation and meditation to focus on for the month. This creates a powerful arc of spiritual study, ongoing support and a stimulus for growth in your life, activating your soul’s purpose and creative expression.

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Working with magic means working with the basic elements of life – on the level of the physical, and beyond.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Everything’s made up of them, in different measures and combinations. We are born of these elements, and so are our creations. If we want our spell casting to be truly effective, we must begin to master the elements – within and without.

My personal experience with elemental magic has led to powerful healings in my physical and emotional bodies.

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A lot of people talk about manifesting, the law of attraction, and how what you put out into the world is what you receive. All of that is true, but in this practical world, I need something I can hold onto! I need a definition that makes sense no matter how I’m feeling that day..

For me, manifesting is about integrating the energy of the thing you want into your physical, every-day, earthly, human life.

There are many ways to do this, and I combine several of them into one fruitful activity: spell casting!

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4 Creative Blocks and What To Do About Them

To allow the full creative expression to flow through your being is one of the most pleasurable experiences a human can have, but also, for many, one of the scariest or most elusive. Of course besides the general societal squashing around creativity, there are very... read more

Finally Feel at Home on Earth

I often hear:

What is my purpose?
Why am I really here?
When can I go home?

A total bewilderment for why we are here and why we exist is something we all share.

You, a person who is spiritually sensitive may remember more than most about life on the “other side. ” If you do remember just enough to feel the loss, you will want to help on Earth in some way.

But often these feelings of sorrow can lead to disillusionment, or lack of drive, because you may ask….what is the point anyway?…

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CC is a master channel. Her transmission is pure because her integrity is rock solid. She creates and holds a pristine space for healing, self-realization, and what it is that YOU need – for yourself, here and now. 

Samantha Ibarguen


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